Comprehensive Experience

    Successful experience in profitable operations in small fields with unbalanced development systems; knowledge of the specifics of work in various regions of the world. extensive experience in the implementation of international oil and gas projects, stable long-term relations with leading oil companies in Russia and the world, conducting research and design organizations as part of its structure, as an oil refining association with re-refineries in 2014 of 1.5 million tons.

About our company

Sadakoil Refinery is one of the best Russian oil companies, a vertically integrated holding. Oil and gas production, oil refining, petrochemistry, a tire complex and a gas station network are stably developing as part of the Company's production complex. The Sadakoil Refinery also participates in the capital of the financial (banking and insurance) sector. Today, the Oil Refinery Complex is a full member of the oil refining industry in Russia and produces highly competitive, environmentally friendly products, including Euro-5 diesel fuel, aviation kerosene of the RT, TS-1 and Jet A-1, D6 brands, high-index base oils of Group II and III. With the completion of the project, it is planned to produce a wide range of products of high oil processing. Already today, the Sadakoil Refinery occupies a worthy place among the largest participants in the oil refining industry in Russia, shaping the market and is known far abroad.

About our experience in oil production:

    We provide our customers with high-quality domestic and international transportation services, customs clearance, and integrated supply chain solutions. Thanks to our deep industry know-how, an individual IT system, the successful implementation of best management practices and the dedication of our employees, we can offer our customers an unrivaled level of service at competitive prices.



  • ✦ Aviation Turbine Jet A-1
  • ✦ Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade “54”
  • ✦ Virgin D6 Fuel Oil
  • ✦ Liquidfied Petroleum Gas (Lpg) Gost 20448-90
  • ✦ Diesel Gasoil L-0.2-62 (Gost 305-82)
  • ✦ High Speed Diesel Euro 4 Grade (Gasoline)
  • ✦ Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel (En590)


Ensuring the Company's progressive development as one of the largest vertically integrated Russian producers of oil and gas, oil and gas processing and petrochemical products based on effective asset management of shareholders, rational use of natural resources and corporate social responsibility.


Unique refining depth - 98%, a record in the entire industry. The company has ceased to produce fuel oil and does not produce any residues of petroleum products, except for the target commercial coke for metallurgists.


Sadakoil Refinery, is an independent producer of oil and gas in Russia. The company is engaged in the exploration, production, processing and sale of various types of oil, gas and liquid hydrocarbons and has good experience in the Russian oil and gas industry.


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