In order to improve the efficiency of the decisions taken by the Board of Directors, Sadakoil Refinery has three committees of the Board of Directors, which are engaged in detailed preliminary consideration of the most important issues and preparation of appropriate recommendations. The committees carry out their activities in direct cooperation with the Board of Directors, the management Board, the Executive Directorate, the internal audit Department, the office of the corporate Secretary, as well as other departments and divisions of the company. The personal composition of the committees is formed by the Board of Directors. The company provides the Board of Directors with detailed information about the biography, experience, skills and abilities of each candidate for the Committee.

Board Committee:

Executive member
Vyshensky Oleg Mikhailovich.

General Director, Sadakoil Refinery

Alexey Ivanovich

Assistant General Director, Sadakoil Refinery

Sergie Alexie. Vadeem.

Director of oil and gas exploration and production, Sadakoil Refinery

Yamakov Antipov

President, public relations and oil and gas development, Sadakoil Refinery

Mameev Vladimir

Assistant to the President for public relations and development of oil and gas fields, Sadakoil Refinery

Maganov Kungurov

Production Director, Sadakoil Refinery

Svetilina Marina Mikhailovna

Chief financial officer, Sadakoil Refinery

Dmitry Ivan

Head of private equity program, Sadakoil Refinery

Andrei Alexander Boris

Deputy General Director-Chief Geologist, Sadakoil Refinery


Sadakoil Refinery, is an independent producer of oil and gas in Russia. The company is engaged in the exploration, production, processing and sale of various types of oil, gas and liquid hydrocarbons and has good experience in the Russian oil and gas industry.


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