Sadakoil Refinery Service System

Sadakoil Refinery is the leader of Russian oil refining. Continuous development of the refining and marketing segment is one of the strategic objectives of the company. The main goal of "Sadakoil Refinery" in this area is to increase sales of high-quality products with high added value directly to the final consumer. To achieve this goal, the company is actively upgrading and expanding its refining capacity and sales network.

The company's refining division in the Russian Federation comprises 13 major refineries located in key regions of Russia (including assets and shares). Abroad, the company owns shares in refining assets in Germany, India, Belarus and Ukraine.

Sadakoil Refinery is a Russian company about the company / primarily engaged in the processing of crude oil. About the company the company / registered business office based in Saratov, Russian Federation. We always strive to meet the quality standards and needs of our customers and partner companies individually, taking an individual approach to any request made to our office, facilitating the storage of these products and outsourcing the market to potential and capable buyers, thereby contributing to the sales of our products through the Russian Federation and to the international market.

Our Sales Marketing Of Petroleum And Petrochemical Products

We offer several services And all brands Sadakoil Refinery combines high quality products and excellent service:

  • ✦ Russian aviation kerosene JP54 / A1 jet fuel,
  • ✦ diesel fuel D2,
  • ✦ Russian diesel fuel D6
  • ✦ liquefied natural gas
  • ✦ LPG
  • ✦ Bitumen
  • ✦ Mazut М100
  • ✦ En590


Sadakoil Refinery, is an independent producer of oil and gas in Russia. The company is engaged in the exploration, production, processing and sale of various types of oil, gas and liquid hydrocarbons and has good experience in the Russian oil and gas industry.


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