Geography of oil and gas production

About 80% of the company's hydrocarbon production is liquid hydrocarbons. Sadakoil Refinery produces about 2% of world oil production, operating in six countries.

The Company's oil production in 2017 amounted to 87.4 million tons. Russia produced 81.9 million tons of oil, which is 14.9% of the total Russian production in accordance with the data of the CDU FEC. In 2017, the volume and dynamics of the Company's oil production in Russia were determined by external restrictions in accordance with the agreement between Russia and OPEC. Since the beginning of the production program in accordance with the terms of the Contract, the production of additional oil amounted to 180.2 thousand tons, two crews of cattle made a total of 63 repairs on 40 wells, mainly from among the wells of the inactive Fund and the Fund awaiting physical liquidation. GNO-32 wells have been completed, of which 26 wells are in operation, providing additional daily production of up to 104 t / day.

Supply Products:

  • ✦ Aviation Turbine Jet A-1
  • ✦ Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade “54”
  • ✦ Virgin D6 Fuel Oil
  • ✦ Liquidfied Petroleum Gas (Lpg) Gost 20448-90
  • ✦ Diesel Gasoil L-0.2-62 (Gost 305-82)
  • ✦ High Speed Diesel Euro 4 Grade (Gasoline)
  • ✦ Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel (En590)


Sadakoil Refinery, is an independent producer of oil and gas in Russia. The company is engaged in the exploration, production, processing and sale of various types of oil, gas and liquid hydrocarbons and has good experience in the Russian oil and gas industry.


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