Sadakoil Refinery Industrial Safety

The functioning of the refinery is associated with increased requirements for the provision of industrial, fire safety of production, as well as labor protection. The implementation of organizational and technical measures aimed at preventing emergencies, reducing the scale of consequences and ensuring preparedness for their localization allows us to limit the level of risk both for Sadakoil Refinery refineries employees and for the population within acceptable limits.

In 2015, according to the results of a licensing check conducted by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision, Sadakoil Refinery Oil Refinery re-issued a license to operate fire and explosion hazardous and chemically hazardous production facilities of hazard classes I, II and III.

In addition, specialists of the industrial safety department of the plant carry out a comprehensive survey of hazardous production facilities in accordance with the approved schedule. Developed action plans for the localization of emergency situations, plans for the localization of emergency spills of petroleum products. Based on these documents, exercises are conducted with plant personnel.

The company also applies basic technical measures to ensure the operation of the equipment:

  • ✦ explosion-proof equipment;
  • ✦ duplication and redundancy of equipment, energy supply and communications;
  • ✦ production equipment systems of control, automatic and remote control and regulation of technological processes, alarms and emergency protection;
  • ✦ installation of automatic high-speed locking and (or) shut-off devices;
Project Risk Minimization Solutions

It is worth noting that the issue of preventing emergencies in an enterprise begins to be resolved at the stage of issuing a design specification. Materials in the design of construction sites initially laid in the technical specifications with higher performance than allowed by the rules. As a result of this policy, the company receives design solutions that minimize the risk of accidents for technical reasons.

Sadakoil Refinery, is an independent producer of oil and gas in Russia. The company is engaged in the exploration, production, processing and sale of various types of oil, gas and liquid hydrocarbons and has good experience in the Russian oil and gas industry.


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